Code of Conduct

Guidelines of Elektrotechnik Janssen GmbH

- enthuse customers
- Living integrity and appreciation
- Open for decision - closed implementation
- Recognizing performance - offering opportunities
- Openly address problems and work out solutions together
- Compliance with laws and guidelines
- Respect for human dignity
- protection of the environment
- Social Commitment
- Nobody is left behind - together we are strong
- You can count on me - you can count on us!

We want to work in a way that we can be trusted. Trust is the basis of all cooperation. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to win. A little carelessness can quickly lead to a loss of confidence and at the same time means a lot of work to rebuild it. We will therefore never recklessly jeopardise the trust of our customers.

Scope of our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to all employees of Elektrotechnik Janssen GmbH.

Ethical and legally sound conduct is the responsibility of each individual. However, the environment must support this and guarantee the possibility of meeting the targets under all circumstances. We want to achieve our goals and act correctly and in an exemplary manner.

Our managers have a duty to set an example and thus to set a credible example for our employees.

Deliberate misconduct will be punished within the framework of the applicable legal provisions. The reporting of indications of incorrect behaviour is treated strictly confidentially in order to avoid fears of negative consequences.

Elektrotechnik Janssen complies with the applicable laws and regulations in the countries where it operates.

We actively support health and safety at work, especially in a safe working environment, in order to avoid accidents and injuries. Each employee receives the prescribed personal protection equipment depending on the area of responsibility. Regular instruction and instruction in the use and handling of equipment is provided by our safety officer. When working on the premises of external companies, occupational safety is instructed by the relevant occupational safety specialists. Compliance with all applicable occupational safety guidelines is additionally confirmed by the receipt of the SCC** certificate.

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